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The Bond

Author: Amanda

Sometimes, it’s hard to explain the bond you can feel with your pet.  Some people raise their pets as pets, and some raise them as if they birthed them themselves.  I am not here to judge either type as I think both are giving a loving pet somewhere to call home. If you train your pup to be a watchdog or dress them up and walk them around in a stroller, to each their own. As an animal lover myself, each and every fur baby that gets a loving home is all that matters.

I have four amazing, (but sometimes annoying) beautiful children, but the one-child that is constantly attached to me and literally steps on my heels to be with me always is my fur baby Raina. She is my 4-year-old, full-grown Rottweiler that still acts like a puppy and sometimes thinks she is a lap dog.  I have watched my 8-year-old daughter have trouble for hours going to sleep and when one of the cats walked in and laid next to her, she was asleep in less than a minute. Coincidence? Who knows? I believe the cuddle from her cat was all she needed.

Our pets, well I should say animals in general, help us day to day with our stresses. Maybe you are having the worst day at work and you watch a silly video of a cat or a monkey and it makes you smile, or maybe even laugh.  The bond that people have with their pets goes both ways. We make each other feel special and loved.  Just as we can help an animal with stress and anxiety, they can do the same for us. So to all the families with fur children out there, I hope that others take note and want the same bond that we have.

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