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About Us



Matt has had a passion for animals, farming, and an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. He is involved with all aspects of the business but loves the early stages of R&D the most. His bachelor’s in computer science also helps with the technical side of the business. He is brutally honest in all situations, so beware of what you ask him. He thinks outside the box looking for new and innovative manufacturing techniques to add value to our products. Being self-employed is a personal goal that gives him a sense of accomplishment on a daily basis. He loves the idea of being able to work with his best friend and wife, Amanda.



Amanda is an animal lover, so it makes sense that she would only want the best nutrition for her animals. Amanda helps in handling the finances for the business and she runs our social media accounts. A mother of four. and one fur baby, she knows how to manage her time. Amanda enjoys spending time with her family and loves a nice bonfire night on their farm. Even when doing work for the business, she gets to spend time with her husband Matthew and with four kids they take any quality time they can get!



Neil is a retired project manager with a degree in Biology. He is happily married for 38 years with 4 grown girls and 11 grandkids. His goal is to develop Purdy Pet Food into a healthy and successful choice of freeze-dried raw treats and foods for dogs and cats that will give their owners many years of happy, healthy pets. He wants people to want our products as the “best choice’ for their pets.



Teresa is the mother of 4 amazing girls and grandmother of 11 wonderful grandchildren. Her husband, Neil, and she are recently retired. They now live With their daughter, Amanda, and son-in-law, Matt, their four children, and Amanda’s in-laws. Ed and Pat refer to us (in a loving way) as the outlaws on the farm.

Teresa has always loved animals; she loves dogs the most. They become a true part of your family. So that is what became the foundation of Purdy Pet Food. We wanted to find the best and most nutritious food to feed our fur babies.


Purdy Kids

We would like to introduce the Purdy kids! Matt and Amanda have four amazing children that have a love for animals and all take part in caring for our farm babies.

Austin, their oldest son, is graduating from high school in June of 2020. He is a loving, sweet young man that is such a great help with anything. He played soccer from The time he was 5 and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Next up, Ariella, their oldest daughter. is a charismatic, confident beautiful young woman that is not afraid to speak her mind. She has the drive and when she really wants something, she goes for it. She is an amazing cheerleader and is an excellent artist, but also excels in academics.

Third in line is Alex, their youngest son, who is a ball of energy and loves a challenge. If you tell him he can’t do it, he will prove you wrong. He is naturally athletic and loves riding his skateboard and BMX bike. He has a big heart and is very protective Of his younger sister.

Last but not least, Amelia, the baby of the family, is a lover of all creatures. She enjoys helping take care of the animals on our farm and even sits in on our business meetings sometimes! She is an amazing little soccer player and is a great swimmer. She looks up to and loves spending time with her older siblings.



Raina is our Rottweiler who loves the outdoors and life on the farm. She is a momma’s girl and loves getting into things. She loves taking walks with our family, playing ball with the kids, swimming and is not afraid of a good thunderstorm. Raina is the reason this business was started. When she joined our family, she was on a raw food diet. Not having many local stores that carried her raw diet, we to start making is ourselves. After a lot of research, we decided to make a business out of it since we were making it anyway and to help provide a good, raw source of food and treats for your pets. Raina loves being our taste tester and so far has approved of all our products!

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