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Pets and Halloween

Autumn is the season for fall decorations, pumpkin spice everything, and dressing up in costumes. The cool, fall weather makes us want to crack open our windows and snuggle up w/ a hot cup of tea. Our pets enjoy the cooler weather as well. From the perfect not too hot and not too cold temps to the piles of fallen leaves our fur babies love to roll in, it’s safe to say, they are excited about fall too. 

Along with fall, comes Halloween and who doesn’t love dressing up for candy! And how cute does that pug look dressed up as a pirate?!  Lots of us enjoy dressing up our animals in funny, adorable, and sometimes even scary costumes. Along with the fun of Halloween, here are a few safety tips. You should never put your pet in a costume if you know they are not comfortable in it. Maybe it’s too hot or constricting. Also, do not leave them unattended just in case they get caught on something or it slips down over their eyes or nose and they panic. Your pet could end up with an injury or you could end up with a destroyed house!  If your pet is constantly trying to get the costume off, it’s probably not a good idea. And let’s face it, costumes are not cheap these days, so make sure your pet is good with it before wasting all that money.  

Besides costumes, the other joy of Halloween is CANDY!!!!  We get to indulge in a little (okay, maybe more than a little) chocolate. While, we get the satisfaction of the sweet taste and a sugar rush, chocolate can make our fur babies sick, if not worse. If fact, all the trick or treat sweets should be kept up and out of reach so there is no temptation. And while we are on the topic of keeping things out of reach, Jack o’ lanterns with a lit candle should be put where a pet can’t knock them over and burn themselves or start a fire. 

Okay, now back to the fun stuff.  I felt it is unfair of me to say they can’t have this and they can’t have that, so here is a link to some fur-friendly recipes for our spooky season! So enjoy the changing of the leaves, crisp air, Halloween, and all the wonderful things that come with the fall season because I’m sure your pets will!

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