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Introduction to Purdy Pet Food

Welcome to our website! We want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to explore our website. Purdy Pet Food is a family-owned and operated business that we pour our hearts and souls into.

The idea to start a business that makes pet treats and pet foods came from the love for our own puppy, Raina Peaches. When she joined our family back in 2016 she was on a raw food diet. We did not want to change her diet, so we continued to feed her raw food. The problem was, there were not many places that sold what we needed. We decided to research and try to make it ourselves. We were successful in making big batches and freezing them because we have the storage space. But it was a pain when traveling and keeping her food frozen. That’s when the lightbulb went off and we decided to freeze dry it. After months of making it and family members and friends telling us they were interested in trying it for their pets, we said, “If we are doing it anyway, why not make a business out of it?”

Fast forward a few years, lots of paperwork, fees, permits, etc… and here we are. We decided to start with treats first. Although we have a recipe for our dog specifically, we wanted to do more research and learn about different breeds, different stages of life, and common allergies, as well as what would be best for our business.

Purdy Pet Food has four owners. Neil and Teresa, and Matthew and Amanda. Yes, I put the married couples’ names together! I would also like to introduce the Purdy kids. Matt and Amanda have four children: Austin, Ariella, Alex, and Amelia. You can learn more about us and the kids in our About Us section. We have frequent meetings, emails, texts, and conversations that sometimes happen at the dinner table or sitting out by the bonfire to make Purdy Pet Food the best it can be. We want your pets to love our product and for you to love what we have made for your fur babies.

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